Need a New Website?

I build websites based on the StoryBrand framework.

I would love to build one for you!

If you are reading this page, it's because you were directed here so that I can help us both make the most of our time. If you are unfamiliar with my work, please check out my website.  

Are we a good fit?  The first step is to make sure that I'm the right website person for you right now.  (Think of this as a dating process!) 

Building a website is a big project and I would rather be clear from the start than waste anyone's time.  Everything I do is for a reason: To create a win for you, to keep quality up and costs down, and yes, to make my life easier too. 

First things first: 

• My websites are built on WordPress using the DIVI, a drag-and-drop theme/builder. This makes it easy for clients to manage and edit their own sites, if they wish, and keeps sites affordable.  Sites are also customizable and powerful. 

• My  websites are created using the StoryBrand framework. There is a flow and narrative to each page.  

• In order to keep costs down, keep me sane,  and make the process easy for you,  I work only with certain hosting companies that are easy to work with, provide free backups, and have excellent and reliable customer service. (No EIG companies: Bluehost, HostGator, or GoDaddy for hosting.) SiteGround and BigScoots are my recommmendations. 

Note: Domain registration is different.. it doesn't matter where your domain is registered, and doesn't need to be with the same service that will be hosting your website.

• You will be guided through the entire process, including a planning stage and the necessary elements needed in order to meet your goals. In other words, I do more than simply plop whatever you bring me into the pages of your site without a process.  

• I provide a price range to start with, which you can find on
my website. This will help you make a decision about whether or not to proceed to the next step. I also provide my standard terms and conditions upon request.  There is no "sales pitch" during our first call, nor do I give any guidance or advice during this call.  It's a first date to see if we are a good fit. 

Just as in any first date or interview.. both of us will have questions to ask. First, I'll listen to you and answer questions, then I'll ask some of my own, and then answer any other questions you might have before moving on to a "second date." 

•Proposals are time-consuming for me and  are only provided for those who are serious about taking the next step and have scheduled a second appointment with me. We go over it together via Zoom.  I do ask for a small deposit to reserve this time slot, which can be applied to the cost of building your website.   I also request that you go over the standard terms and conditions, ask questions, and give yourself enough time to prepare for this second meeting.  

Think of this as the initial intake process, diagnosis and treatment plan you may have with your patients and clients.. but with a smaller fee to cover my time. 

• I want to create a website that you will love AND will be your best employee, working for you 24/7. 


If this sounds good so far..
the next step is to meet to see if we might be a good fit. 
This first call is free.